bus map of Dakar, Senegal

From August 2012 to May 2013, I lived in Dakar, Senegal as a participant in the Princeton University Novogratz Bridge Year Program. This gap-year program accepted 28 participants in my year, placing seven in each of four locations (Senegal, China, Peru, and India). During the nine-month program, we lived with host families, volunteered in local organizations, and pursued independent projects. I worked in a community radio station: Manoore FM, La voix des femmes, which, as the name suggests, emphasizes the voice of women, while also hosting various programs from university students, cultural organizations, health organizations, etc.

In addition to my work at the radio, I embarked on a project of mapping the public transportation of Dakar. The outcome of this project was a map of the AFTU bus network on the peninsula. AFTU resulted from what I personally think is one of the most effective development projects that I’m aware of, and the history of this incredible project is documented in this world bank report. I’ll write up a concise description when I have more free time.

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A low-resolution version of the map is here, with a high-resolution version available for download below.