I am a third year PhD student working with Francis Macdonald at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Some of my current projects include:

  • Analysis of Phanerozoic sea level from the spatial record of North American flooding (in prep)
  • Bayesian determination of sedimentary compensation length and time scales for Neogene Antarctic glaciomarine sedimentation
  • Comparison of Neogene ice age and Neoproterozoic snowball glaciomarine sedimentation
  • Neoproterozoic tectonostratigraphic constraints on the western margin of the Congo Craton
  • Evaluation of sedimentary periodicity in the Tonian Carbon Canyon Member of the Grand Canyon Chuar Group as a potential far field record of pre-Sturtian glacioeustasy


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As a masters student at ETH Zürich, I worked with Alexey Kuvshinov and Alexander Grayver to develop probabilistic forecasts of geomagnetic storms using neural networks. These forecasts demonstrated the ability of neural networks to learn uncertainty in their outputs.

As an undergraduate at Princeton University, I worked with Adam Maloof and Blair Schoene to develop a cyclostratigraphy for the late Cretaceous Potosi Basin in Bolivia. This project included independent testing of the orbital hypothesis with radiometric ages, and I also developed a novel workflow for incorporating outcrop color captured by drone imagery as a paleoenvironmental proxy.

View from Jabal Shams in the Jabal Akhdar mountains of northern Oman. 2019

View from Jabal Shams in the Jabal Akhdar mountains of northern Oman. 2019